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#1 Lesson From Our Mistakes - You Should Make Your Own

       One Startup. No Secrets. Start at the beginning.  So far we’ve made a mass of critical mistakes: We made poor assumptions on our COGS / product cost and barely made a profit on our first 60 LBS It turns our we made our first 60 LBS worth illegally (but safely :) We are substantially overpaying on the cost of our packaging Our first large-batch production run was a mess, literally We forgot to order bottle caps in time for our large-batch production   Profit, now that’s an important one. We accurately estimated the costs for our honey, chilies, and packaging. We used the correct math to estimate how many bottles would yield from our first 5 gallons /...

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Finding Our Supplier - Honey Hunt Part 2 (Day 25)

       One Startup. 30 Days. No Secrets. Start at the beginning.  Aside from some reading and brief online research, we know next to nothing about our key ingredient, honey. Naturally, the next stop on our blizzard-covered honey hunt was to say hi to the founders of Hudson Valley Bee Supply who were our invaluable connection to several beekeepers in the area. One of the biggest lessons Morgen and I have learned in launching this brand is that you have to take the help that others can offer. We have passion and drive and smarts, but there are others who can step in with real expertise in areas where we falter. We’ve been extremely lucky to be surrounded with people who...

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Finding Our Supplier - Honey Hunt Part 1 (Day 25)

       One Startup. 30 Days. No Secrets. Start at the beginning.  "I don't trust anyone who isn't a person. Including the government." That's when we fell in love with our honey supplier, a Hudson Valley beekeeper who lives completely off the grid, only deals in cash, and doesn't pay taxes. Morgen and I left the city this morning with a few appointments lined up with possible honey suppliers. I've been recipe testing like crazy, but I've been eager to get our honey supply secured. As I've discussed in an earlier product development post, each honey variety has distinct properties and I wanted to find something light and sweet to balance the spicy combination of chilies. And something we could get...

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