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We're An LLC, And So Can You (Day 15)

One Startup. 30 Days. No Secrets. Start at the beginning. Today I realized I don't know shit about a lot of things. I am excited that we have a company name (and domain) as these two things allow us to move forward. But moving forward requires action on some topics that are new to me, and thus, as many entrepreneurs do, I am winging it. Legal: LLC vs. S Corp Per our original plan, we want to "make it official" so I began to research what type of legal structure MixedMade should be.  This is a confusing topic I haven’t thought about since college, as I was not involved in this step while at IdeaPaint. I started with our simple requirements: Make MixedMade...

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Learn To Start Your Business, By Following Ours - The Beginning

Follow along as we lift the veil on the juicy details of our startup journey, where we will launch a company and product from scratch in less than 30 days and attempt to grow a real business. The Idea: Our idea is spicy honey.  Yes, that’s right, two things that normally don’t go together, just like businesses and transparency.  I like spicy honey as our business idea because it is: Familiar: It is relatable and tangible – people can understand it Niche: It is a category not currently owned by any major brand or company Fun: I personally really like the product, as a fan of honey and hot sauce.  I have a few friends who homemake spicy honey, not...

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